Unlock smooth speech with DAF PRO

Delayed Auditory Feedback can help slow your speech so you can communicate more clearly.

Slow your speech for that important conversation

Designed for people with speech disorders who speak at a fast rate such as those who stutter/stammer or have a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s Disease, brain injury and more.

It helps people to slow their rate of speech which makes it clearer to others. It has been designed and tested by a specialist Speech and Language Therapist.


Slow your speech down and unlock clearer speech

Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) works by enabling someone to hear their speech in an altered manner. This disruption to the normal auditory feedback loop causes the speaker to slow down and thus speak more clearly.


Record your voice

Record your voice whilst using DAF and hear the results for yourself.


Using headphones

DAF Pro requires headphones to work effectively. Use wired or Bluetooth headset.


Runs in the background

DAF Pro works when your device is locked so it won't drain your battery whilst your screen is on.


  • Charly Dat Duc Lai

    Charly Dat Duc Lai


    09 Sep

    Lord and the developer of this app, you have healed me. For a long time, I've stuttered/stammered but today when I tried out this app after purchasing and downloading it, an incredibly amazing miracle just happened. I was finally able to speak much more fluently with a tiny stammer or no stammers at all. Thank you so much for developing this app for those who need this.

  • Jack13479



    30 Aug

    This is a great app. I cannot believe how easy it it to use. Best app I have tried

  • Original Fembot

    Original Fembot


    30 Jul

    This has helped me massively to slow my speech down and reduce anxiety when speaking in public and with clients on the phone. It's helped make myself clearly understood. It also helps me manage my breathing which makes me appear more confident and assured. Excellent product

  • Moone27



    18 Jan

    I have a speech disorder called cluttering, and this app has been a tremendous help. It is simple, yet very effective in helping me slow my rate of speech and improve articulation. And, the ability to record a sample and play it back for analyzing is a nice feature. Great app, highly recommended.

  • chelse77



    09 May

    This amazing device has given me the confidence to speak out when I have too shy to before. It makes presentations, and reading outloud.

  • Rachel Wilson

    Rachel Wilson


    15 Dec

    Try it! If you struggle with fluency, try this. I do a lot of public speaking and it's made a huge difference to my confidence. I've been a lifelong stammerer and was very sceptical about it. I was wrong. It's changed everything. Just try it.

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The Stuttering Foundation

The British Stammering Association

Parkinon’s Life

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