Find your feminine voice with Christella VoiceUp

We are proud to offer 50% off all stages in May 2022 in support of ASHA's "Better Hearing & Speech Month".

Learn voice techniques to help you transition your voice from masculine to feminine.

The only app you’ll need to find your feminine voice

Empowering trans women worldwide to start to change their voice immediately with guidance from a world leading voice expert. Therapy delivered by UK’s leading speech and language therapist in transgender voice Christella Antoni.

3 courses, each containing 5 lessons provide over 2 hours of therapy in total. Each lesson is designed to teach you how to modify your voice in the areas of resonance, pitch, intonation and vowel length.

Speechtools voice analysis algorithms are included to enable you to monitor the progress of your vocal change.

Christella VoiceUp

Bite-sized lessons spread over 
3 courses to unlock your voice

Free sample lesson

Each stage has a a sample lesson to try.

Complete course in 3 stages

3 stages are available as in app purchases to help you through your transition at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Christella Antoni

Each exercise is modelled by Christella and then time is given afterwards to repeat the words, phrases or sentence yourself.

Track your progress

You can also track the progress of your voice with the free pitch analysis feature which will show how your voice develops over time.

Bite-sized lessons spread over 
3 courses to unlock your voice

  • Stage 1

    The beginners stage provides trans women with the essential speech and voice techniques to begin successful voice modification.

  • Stage 2

    The intermediate stage provides people with exercises that increase in length and complexity to help sustain their feminine voice for longer.

  • Stage 3

    The advanced level helps people increase their vocal stamina to sustain their voice in longer exercises and in conversational speech.


  • Nurtureyou



    04 Jun

    A valuable tool that really helps anyone that would like to make the best use of their voice and to be able to successfully communicate in a clear and precise way. Provides the knowledge to use a wider range of tones, sounds, and levels of pitch. Easy to use: Following simple well thought out instructions, given by Christella Antoni herself is great. Creates an amazing feeling that anything is achievable with the right guide and support. Thank you so much for making this App available for everyone.

  • *AT1*



    16 Feb

    Clear and well paced exercises. Easy to use and practice with at home.

  • Sam@Pad



    29 Jan

    Great app with clear explanations for the non expert. The bonus of being able to track your progress, as well as seeing and hearing the exercises is a great help. Excellent motivator. With the addition of stage 3 the progression is continued, but ups the difficulty, so there's is many exercises to satisfy all levels. It is also highlights how one the leading speech and voice consultants works in an incremental and clear way. Great app.

  • MySVoice



    13 Nov

    Hi highly recommend this app. It's easy to follow along and very affective. At any stage you can assess your voice with the assessment tool in the app. It shows you the average frequency and also breaks it down into a pie chart which shows the amount your voice is in the male, neutral, and female range. It keeps historical assessments so you can track your progress over time. I've found this enormously helpful!!!

  • Bubs girl 89

    Bubs girl 89


    01 Nov

    I'm using this app as a speech pathologist with my transgender clients. The techniques are extremely effective, easy to do, and my client's voice is becoming more feminine. Thank you Christella for developing this fantastic app.

  • Jenny J M

    Jenny J M


    08 Jan

    Lots of voice exercises to copy again and again. I like the being able to check progress of my voice too.

  • HM



    15 Dec

    Brilliant all round app for getting you started on being the girl you always wanted to be.

  • Marie Kitrell

    Marie Kitrell


    20 Dec

    I just finished lesson one and I'm already speaking differently. Other self programs tell me i need to say words differently, this app shows me specifically how I should be saying them. I think this will be very helpful.

  • Bailey Sims

    Bailey Sims


    26 Oct

    This app has helped me more than any other. I didn't understand the repetition at first but the more I practice the more I hear the benefit. I wish there was a part 4!




    16 May

    Have found this to be a great help. The exercises are so well put together and I can keep the exercises up in the privacy of my own home. I would definitely recommend

  • Francifemme



    05 Feb

    I recently returned to using this after about a year since I moved to Italy where I speak exclusively Italian. The improved app is more intuitive in use and I’m finding the explanations and examples are really working. I just have to try and apply the same principles when speaking Italian.

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