Keep your voice healthy with 1 Minute Voice WarmUp

Learn techniques to help exercise your voice and keep it in peak condition.

Created by two of the 
world’s leading vocal trainers

Gillyanne and Jeremy are bestselling authors, voice educators and performance coaches. Self-confessed voice nerds, they love anything to do with the voice.

They recently featured in the Telegraph Weekend magazine, their Guardian Science podcast on voice was one of the most popular of the year, they were Voice Coaches to The Voice 2017, 'voice gurus' on Cerys Matthews' eclectic BBC6 Music show and vocal coaches on ITV's new All Star Musicals Christmas Special.

1 Minute Voice WarmUp

The only app you’ll need to communicate your ideas effectively

New warm up sequence each week

Each week receive a new WarmUp of the week, created by two of the world’s leading vocal trainers - Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher.

Takes less than 60 seconds

Choose a single 1 min WarmUp just before an important meeting.

Video tutorials

Each 1 min exercise comes with a video tutorial showing you exactly how to do each technique and why it works.

Create your own

Combine up to 5 of your favourite exercises to create your own warmup sequence.

Who would benefit from a healthy, strong voice?

  • Singers
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Fitness instructors
  • Call centre workers
  • Presenters and public speakers
  • Receptionists

Exercises are broken down into 5 sections focusing on different techniques

  • Breath Control

    Do you run out of breath or feel your voice doesn’t have enough “support”? The exercises in this section will show you the MOST efficient way to get breath in and out of your body; how to EXTEND your breath for a consistent, confident sound; how to SUPPORT your voice to the end of every sentence

  • Releasing Tension

    Your body and throat can tighten up when you’re nervous or stressed, which is not ideal for public speaking, teaching, or even talking on the phone. The exercises in this section show you how to release tension in your jaw, lips and tongue; how to loosen the tightness you get in your neck, head and shoulders; and how to combat the fight/flight mechanism that closes your throat up when you get nervous.

  • Tongue Exercises

    If your tongue is stiff, inflexible or backed up in your mouth people may have difficulty understanding you. These exercises give you the best techniques for stretching your tongue for easier voicing; releasing tongue root tension to give you a more resonant voice; and a complete tongue workout for gaining fine control.

  • Clear Speech

    It doesn’t matter what your accent is, if you don’t have good diction your listeners will struggle to understand you or miss what you have to say. These exercises show you the most efficient way to shape your vowels, whatever accent or dialect you’re using; how to really coordinate your jaw, lips and tongue for the clearest diction; and how to work your consonants without pushing for maximum clarity without volume or strain.

  • Interesting Voice

    You can have the best sound in the world but if you don’t use it properly you’ll lose your listeners’ interest. The techniques in this section show you exactly how to vary your pace to help your listener understand and process what you’re saying; how to find the right volume for the right situation; and how to extend and use your pitch range to keep your listeners interested.

Used by actors, teachers, presenters and professional voice users worldwide.

  • Phil Coxon

    Phil Coxon


    21 Jul

    I frequently have to do presentations in front of 50+ people and I’ve always found that my voice can waiver a bit when I first start.  Using this clever warm up tool has significantly improved my performance when I first start talking.  I use a couple of the simple exercises and it prepares my voice really well for talking. I would highly recommend this app.

  • Georgina Overton

    Georgina Overton


    07 May

    In my day to day role as a Training Manager, I have to facilitate sessions with participants and run presentations with senior leaders in the insurance business. As an ex-smoker sometimes finding my voice, especially in the morning has caused me a few issues previously. This app has helped me in a couple of ways; the warm up exercises are great at getting my voice in the right place to present and clearing that ‘frog’ in my throat. Secondly, the clear speech and interesting voices tools have helped me prepare for big presentations which have allowed me to get my point across in the right way.

  • Nicola Berry

    Nicola Berry


    23 Nov

    As a serving headteacher maintaining my voice is crucial for the range and demands upon it such as teaching, public speaking (especially when the microphone doesn’t work during sports days!) and talking to pupils, staff and parents.  Over Christmas I lost my voice for 5 weeks and tried various throat sprays and lozenges; it was only when I started doing exercises such as those promoted on this App that I regained full vocal range and volume.  I particularly find the weekly exercises useful and a good reminder to keep up with my vocal care.  I will be recommending this App to my colleagues and know that it will be particularly useful for people new to teaching or for all teachers returning to school after the summer holidays.

  • Fan of factoids

    Fan of factoids


    10 Aug

    This is a great app for anyone interested in taking proactive steps to keep their voice healthy. Warm ups are engaging and easy, though I did get some funny looks while doing the exercises on the train!

  • Guitaruth



    04 Jun

    This immediately looks fun and inviting, it is clearly laid out, colourful and easy to use. Such a great idea, you can fit in a warmup no matter how busy you are. Something here for everyone - excellent!

  • Vocalkate



    03 Jun

    Simple to use, with huge potential to get everyone using their voice more efficiently. Easy enough for the "man on the street" to follow, but with ideas every voice/singing teacher should be using.

  • Jaibeeee



    01 Jun

    It's exactly what you need!!!! Job well done!

  • Meesterbassman



    25 May

    Great and simple, clear app by industry experts Gillyanne and Jeremy at Vocal Process. Useful for singers of all standards and professional voice users (teachers etc). Cheap too!

  • AaronNB



    25 May

    This is a great resource for any singer, speaker or teacher wanting to effectively exercise and warmup their voice! Great for just before auditions, practising at home, or using in the studio! The tutorials are excellently put together and take you step by step through each exercise with brilliant visuals. The 1 minute warmups are quick and convenient, providing quality and specific exercises for whatever you need! Love it

  • Carrie Simone

    Carrie Simone


    20 Jun

    Great little app for on the go!!

  • Geraldine McElearney

    Geraldine McElearney


    22 Jun

    Great app: efficient, safe, effective, created and delivered by experts.

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