Voice Analyst

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Voice Analyse

Voice Analyst

Voice Analyst is an excellent tool which allows you to see and monitor the pitch and volume of your voice. Watch as your voice is plotted on a graph giving you immediate visual feedback. Then choose to hear or watch it again, view the statistical information or save the recording.

Voice Analyst has been designed and tested by Specialist Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists working in the field of voice to assist them and their clients both during and outside of treatment sessions. It helps a wide range of people who want to change the way they speak including those with Dysphonia (voice disorder), Parkinson’s Disease or Gender Dysphoria. The app will also be of use to anyone (such as actors, singers, and many others) who want to analyse and perfect the acoustic qualities of their voice.

Voice Analyst is an easy to use and affordable app which revolutionises the way Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists carryout their assessment and therapy. It also transforms the way clients practice using their voice outside of treatment sessions by enabling immediate visual, acoustic and statistical feedback of their voice quality. Statistical information, including the recording duration and minimum, maximum, range of pitch (Hertz = Hz) and volume (Decebels = dBs) is available for every voice recording. You can then choose to save or listen and watch your recording again.

Although our apps may be purchased by individuals, we strongly advice people to use the apps in consultation with a qualified Speech and Language Therapist for overall communication support and management.