Combining Speech & Language
Therapy with Technology to help
people who have communication, voice or swallowing needs.

  • 'I am a pediatric OT and had a child I was working that had no awareness when saliva was pooling in her mouth or when her chin was wet. She follows verbal directions. I told her to swallow when she felt the tickle (vibration). I placed my IPhone in the hood of her jacket. It worked! This was the first time that she had a dry chin for 30 min. Prior to this she went through 3-4 wet bibs while in school. I am telling all of my OT friends about it. Best app that I have purchased related to my profession.' - by Kidz OT

  • 'Great little app with bigg app potential' - by Stevenson's rocket

    'Brilliant. Great app, worked perfectly. I'm an adult stutterer and have biggest blocks on phone calls. Although app doesn't work when taking phone calls on iPhone, I use it when on land line with one ear on speaker buds - really increased my fluency' - by Metboyfg

  • 'Really helps in slowing speech rate. This app has been really helpful to help my clients with Parkinson's Disease to speak at a slower rate. The record and playback reature is easy to use and very useful for clients to hear themselves' - Jenny J M

    'Great app. Works really well, easy to use and really does help' - by Timmusdavies

  • 'Good. Very effective' - by Lloydu

    'Fantastic app. Finding this app really useful and easy to use. Have contacted the developers and always had prompt replies with friendly information. Can't recommend highly enough. Download this app' - by LisaMcOT

    'Good app. Used this with students and it helps them read more fluently' - by Spots1000

  • 'Like the proverbial Charm! The $10 app accomplishes what I could have spent hundreds of dollars on for dedicated hardware. The only reason I might not give it 5 stars is this: I know [it] can't work on a phone call, but sometimes when something else grabs the audio out, DAF doesn't grab it back afterwards. Oh well. ' - by ScribeJay

  • 'I use it as an amplifier for my bad hearing. Delay all the way down, volume up on system and app, and there ya go!' - by AveryKucan

    'DAF Pro is elegant and amazing! After a little experimenting with the amount of delay, I have some wonderful results. It also runs in the background, so you can keep it running while you use other apps like email and web. Thanks for an amazing tool!' - by TrainRiderDave

  • 'Fantastic. This amazing device has given me the confidence to speak out when I have [been] too shy to before. It makes presentations and reading aloud [easier?]' - by chelse77

    'Awesome!!!. This app has been extremely helpful when working with my stuttering clients. I'm still trying to figure out how to work it on my iPad but it works great on my iPhone!' - by Fizzy Fuzzy

  • 'Finally a daf tool that all stutters can use via the iOS platform! It's free. (incorrect). The voice the stutterer hears is their own voice, very natural, not robotic as previous devices have been. I tried it for the first time today with a high school senior who stutters pretty severely. It worked perfectly! He was 100% fluent, first time, reading aloud' - by Messysuzie